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IMG_0454I’m Cathal, or also known as A Glass of Red Wine, and I’m a Galway based food and wine writer and blogger. A self taught amateur cook, I use my blog as a vehicle to share my own recipes, reviews, love of food and quality produce (particularly Irish), good wine, and cocktails, particularly whiskey and bourbon based. Not only that but as a food photographer and stylist I takes all my own pictures to accompany my recipes.

With a keen interest in all types of gastronomy, from Italian to Indian and Asian, and in dishes from savoury to pastry, there’s not much that doesn’t capture my attention. I have, however, a particular affinity for taking home cooking and baking to the next level, challenging myself and others to create the perfect dish. I also have a great love for the art and underrated joy experienced in brilliant bread, and classic French tarts and patisserie. I really welcome any comments, questions or suggestions that you may have regarding my posts.


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  1. Florence Hardy

    Hi Cathal,
    Really enjoying reading your blog. Well done and I look forward to the following post.
    Ps: My brown bread recipe is the same as yours minus the egg n the salt!?

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